Donut vs Cookie Mafia (game starting soon!)

1 mafia 4 town
Before each day, I will give mafia a form and they have to fill it themselves, and I will reveal form with answers at the beginning of each day, however I have right to send the form back if they do something stupid like fill and spam every question with “BIG DICK”, form should make sense even if they lie or meme.

otherwise vanilla, 48/24
Person who has the majority of the votes get DKDK’ed, if no one gets the majority until EoD, the person with most votes gets DKDK’ed, if there is a tie, mafia picks who gets DKDK’ed. To prevent angleshoot on tiebreak, I will wait at least 12 hours before starting the night. At tiebreak I will only start the night before 12 hours if I see every alive player posting in forum or discord. To be honest I don’t see a lot of moderators talk about this rule but I think it is a very important aspect of the game since it can easily clear someone and be injustice for mafia.

If you use any other word for execution than DKDK, you are modkilled and the day ends. This rule is not open to discussion.


what is DKDK

It means being executed with getting voted out

We are transitioning away from usimg lynch

It sounds like dick dick

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it should sound like deugeundeugeun

donkey kong n diddy kong

This will be a very serious game because I want to test what kind of questions are good for my newbie turkish games

I will answer all questions in Engrish

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I’ve made a reform so people will play

Well fuck you too, GTacc.

Like seriously, sure you can’t use the other word, but why are you flatly banning everything? Some people think that your substitution is crap. Why are you punishing people over not using your special little word? The goal isn’t to stifle alternatives, it’s to find an alternativr that everyone agrees with, but go off sista.

It’s his game and he made the rule clear in signups, it’s not like this is sitewide. Hosts have had far sillier post restrictions before.

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Not sure what you’re hoping to accomplish? It’s no different than most posting restrictions tbh.

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I believe in the power of dk

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Using DKDK is part of the game if you dont like it you can choose to not in

The game is full, I will now create questions then rand the mafia.