Demonic Mafia 13p

Closed setup, list of characters will be published before game start but not what each characters abilities are. Cover characters may or may not exist.

Phases will be a bit different than standard mafia:

Day phase: discussion and votes. Leading vote receiver (the Town Kill) at EOD does not die immediately.

Twilight: all powers are activated during twilight regardless of when they take effect. Player that has been TKed may still use their ability.

Night: all deaths occur at night, including the TK.

There will certainly be some non-standard roles, possible slight bastardization depending on how narrow your definition is. The GM will not lie but he may not always answer. There may be a 3rd party if there are enough signups–if there is, it will be announced before game start. Edit—there will be NO third parties in this game.

Phases will be 72 hours for the day, 24 hours apiece for twilight and the night. Night may be resolved faster than 24 hours under certain circumstances.

I can’t guarantee this game will be perfectly balanced, but it should be fun, and the flavor will hopefully be entertaining.

Game will start somewhere in the middle of July–however many Ins we have by then we’ll roll with. 13 would be ideal but 9+ will work.

TK will be determined by plurality vote at EOD, with an option to hammer after 24 hours in the day have passed. A wagon that reaches majority then goes back below majority prior to the 24 hour mark will not end the day. Ties will be decided by a mechanic that will become clear at the start of the game, but they WILL result in someone dying.

based on the book?

or just angels and demons in general

In general.

No association to the book whatsoever.

Oh, and I guess I should also say…character names will not be attached to alignment. So Gabriel, for example, could be good or could be evil. Lucifer could be good, could be evil.

Season 4 now on Netflix!


I’m actually pretty excited about this setup, a bunch of people should sign up for it.

Name changed to avoid confusion.

Is TK the factional kill?

Oh town kill nvm

I generally try to use TK in place of lynch. I don’t expect everyone else to, use whatever you want, that’s just my own preference.

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I also notice you haven’t hit that /in button yet…seems like a good time to correct that oversight :wink:

Still trying to decide how I feel about all the extra mechanics :thinking:

Trust me they’re worth it

you should change the name to Heavenly Mafia

If I do will you play

i dunno man are you gonna make me a nonvoter for the third time in a row

Lmao was it really twice in a row? Wasn’t on purpose.


That being said, there’s only one way to find out :wink:

If it helps ease your mind…the roles in this game are much less troll-y than in musical mafia, though hopefully just as much fun.

Eh i’m signed up for too many already. :grimacing: