Deathnote Pseudo-Mafia

Since the passing of Clem…'s will to review this game, I decided to outsource the reviewing to the community.


  1. A Deathnote (DN) may be used to kill any player, if you use their “Real” name. You may also specify other details, such as time of death and way of execution. If no time of death is stated, that player will die in 5 hours.
    1.1 Players may pass DNs to eachother. When passing a DN, the reciever will see all text in that DN.
    1.2 DNs can only kill 1 player at night.

  2. There will be 1 to 3 DNs passed into the public at random. These players are known as “Kira”, and they know eachother’s Alia.
    2.1 1-3 players will be randomly assigned “Kira Taskforce” They are three trusted individuals who all know eachother’s real name.
    2.1.1 Each member of the Kira Taskforce may investigate one player during the day, and one collectively at night. Day checks test for if the holder has a DN, while nightchecks check for any records of any suspicious activity (Such as use of the DN, or murder) If a player is ever found by the Kira Taskforce to be guilty, they will be executed.
    2.1.2 If a player gives the Kira Taskforce a DN that they have used, they will be executed. If they have not used it, they gain permanent immunity from the Kira Taskforce.
    2.2 One player, who is neither on the Kira Taskforce or is Kira, is given a night kill. This player, known as “Mello”, can never be framed of murder, or be executed by the Kira Taskforce.
    2.3 All other players will be citizens
    2.3.1 Citizens may do the following actions at night:

  • Attempt to steal a DN from another player. (Fails if they don’t have a DN)
  • Learn their true name. (Gain their alias if they are on the Kira Taskforce or are Mello)
  • Attempt to kill a player. (Fails if they are on the Kira Taskforce or are Mello. You will die if they are Mello. Gain their DN if they have one.)
  1. All players may vote one player. Whoever has the most votes will be publically executed.
    3.1 Votes may be secretly manipulated by either the Kira Taskforce, or as an action of the DN.
    3.2 A player’s votes stand until they die.
  2. Players may make secret communication PTs with eachother. I must be invited to each, and they must have (TBD) at the start of the title.
    4.1 The Kira Taskforce automatically get a PT.
  3. The game ends when two of the 3 threats are eliminated (Kira, Kira Taskforce, or Mello)
    5.1 All living players win at the end of the game
    5.2 If either Mello or the Kira Taskforce have all DNs, Kira is eliminated. Kira can be re-introduced by passing a DN to a citizen.
  4. Before the game starts and roles are rolled out, all players submit 3 first names and 3 last names. These will be seperated, randomized, and then 2 first/last name pairs are given out to each player, one as an alias and one as a real name.

I think I covered everything. Any balancing issues/degen strats?

@GTacc you showed some interest.

You posted it on wrong forum though

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Right for the wrong reasons, moved it to the design sub-cat :stuck_out_tongue:

@Ellibereth any balancing ideas?

I’d cut the whole death note mechanic

I’ll get to work on that the second all mafia games lose their Mafia Team

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