DBZ Mafia Game Thread (Town Win)

Great, now I can only praise you for being an awesome person.

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I’m talking to all of you, that’s what “everyone” means :slight_smile:

Yeah, but then you said “You decide” and I’ve decided that I’m an angel and I judged that I could not have possibly caused any trouble. :innocent:

I need to send sandfox (I think this was her username?) a scrapbook of all your ridiculous posts.

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I don’t think this makes it on there.

I slept through last 2 days :frowning:

It’s ok so did I mostly

GG, thanks Dusk for hosting

I didn’t realize this game ended by the way because of title

@Duskfall98 so did my role only work if its f3 and andres, me and 1 scum were alive?

I think I said previously in signups but game was originally designed as open set up, I redesigned a bit when I made it closed but your role was kind of residue from that

What was scum’s wincon?

I would’ve let you dayvig in 1v1, your role was originally instant win but that’s bs in closed

i take in thread or out of thread criticism from people who are not named JakeTheWolfie.

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gg ez

I can say that everyone except one person played well, that doesn’t break any rules right?

But I’m one person

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It only doesn’t break the rules if you name the person.

Congrats to chesskid3, purpleshifted, M2H, tn5421, GTacc, Kiymali_Pide, DS, JakeTheWolfie, DoggoPlays, Nanook, StarV, Andresvmb, and Srceenplay for playing a great game!


Is it Seth?

So many likes… Well done Urist, enjoy your ban. @Key I’m reporting this user for indirectly insulting another player against their will.

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