Welcome to CrossCode Mafia!

In lieu of a list of general rules, I will only say that this game is expected to play out along the lines of most other mafia games many of you have played. So, play to have fun and argue incessantly with the other players. Don’t edit the content and substance of your posts. Don’t post after you’re dead. In general please be respectful of others and attack the play, not the player. Don’t quote private mod communications, or break other common sense etiquette that I’m sure many of you are familiar with. If you have any questions at all about this game in particular or mafia in general, please don’t hesitate to contact me via discord (ActionDan#8906) or a private message here.

This is a complicated mechanical game and that alone may provide its own challenges. There are bound to be mistakes, unexpected role interactions, and unintentional ways for players to “outguess” the mod. I apologize in advance if any of that dramatically effects the game state or your winning chances.

That said, I would not consider this a bastard game and the template for this game is standard. Let us go over some of the formal rules, shall we?


  • Discussion and voting take place during day cycles that are 72 hours long and end in a lynch or no lynch

  • Night cycles last 24 hours following immediately after a day cycle during which point the thread will be locked. During this time players will submit private actions to me via PM or discord if they are able

  • Resolutions of actions submitted during night will generally follow Natural Action Resolution guidelines. Actions permissible during day cycles will be resolved immediately at time of submission. Please note that certain special mechanics and roles may effect action resolution in non-standard ways

  • To lynch a player during a day cycle, a simple majority of players must be voting that player at anytime. Once this condition is met, I will lock the thread and end the day immediately, preparing a full flip

  • The game ends when a major faction’s win condition has been met (i.e, town or mafia)

  • There is at least one informed minority faction with more than 1 member in this game


perk up, there’s a lot of them

1. The Class System

  • There are five classes in CrossCode. You will be one of these five classes:
  • Triblader – master of the Heat element and naturally immune to Quadroguards
  • Quadroguard – master of the Cold element and naturally immune to Tribladers
  • Pentafist – master of the Shock element and naturally immune to Hexacasts
  • Hexacast – master of the Wave element and naturally immune to Pentafists
  • Spheromancer – master of no element and naturally immune to nothing

2. The Cross Point (CP) System, tracks, combat arts, and passive circuits

  • Each player is given 1 CP at game start and 2 different choices of tracks. Each track contains a level 1 ability, a level 2 ability, and a level 3 ability
  • Abilities may be active abilities called combat arts, or passive abilities which once learned provide a permanent bonus
  • You learn abilities by spending your CP. During confirmation phase, everyone must choose a track and spend their first CP point in a level 1 ability.
  • Once a track is choosen, you cannot learn abilities in the other track you didn’t choose.
  • Level 1 abilities cost 1 CP (your starting CP), while level 2 and level 3 abilities cost 2 CP and 3 CP respectively. You must learn your level 2 ability before you can learn your level 3 ability. You are allowed to hold on to your unspent CP even if you have enough to learn an ability.
  • Town and Mafia have different systems for gaining CP.
  • Town passively gain 1 CP every night. Town gain 1 CP if they are ON a non-town lynch wagon or OFF a town lynch wagon.
  • Mafia passively gain 1 CP every night. Mafia gain 1 CP if town is lynched. Otherwise Mafia gain 1 CP if they are ON the lynch wagon.
  • 3rd parties (if they exist) will have a separate system explained to them in their role PM

3. The Special Point (SP) System

  • Each player is given 1 SP at game start
  • combat arts cost SP to use. Level 1 combat arts cost 1 SP. Level 2 combat arts cost 3 SP. Level 3 combat arts cost 6 SP. Passive abilities do not cost SP. They are always active when learned after spending the required CP.
  • Players are not forced to spend SP. Players can hold a maximum of double the SP cost of their highest learned level ability (if it is a passive ability, simply convert it to the SP cost of what it would cost if it were instead a combat art).
  • Players can use multiple combat arts in a single day/night if they have the required amount of SP for both
  • Town and Mafia have different systems for gaining SP.
  • Town passively gain 1 SP every night. Town gain 1 SP for every town death.
  • Mafia passively gain 1 SP every night. Mafia gain 1 SP for every non-mafia death. Mafia gain 2 SP for every mafia death.
  • 3rd parties (if they exist) will have a separate system explained to them in their role PM

4. Special Statues

  • There are 4 special status or afflictions you may suffer over the course of the game – They are Chill, Burn, Jolt, and Mark. They have some correlation (but not universal) with the Cold, Heat, Shock, and Wave elements.
  • The Chilled status reduces your priority in action resolution to dead last. For example, if you are a roleblocker, but are chilled, without any other interference your target will be able to action successfully
  • Those with Burn will have their passive abilities disabled. In addition Burn applies a burn stack. If you reach 4 stacks of burn, you die.
  • If affected by Jolt, you will not be able to cast level 2 or level 3 combat arts.
  • If Marked, you natural class immunity is disabled and any protection on you fails.
  • Statuses are permanent until you receive a new one or they are cleansed by other means
  • Statuses are applied at the END of night and will not affect actions that night.
  • You can only be subject to one status at a time. If multiple statuses would effect you in a single night, the priority resolves as follows: Jolt < Burn < Chill < Mark. Thus if you would be affected by Chill and Mark, you are only Marked. However, an exception are Burn stacks. Though the Burn status itself might not stick, the burn stack it applies is permanent, unless cleansed in some manner.

Ending comments

This is a lot to unpack and will be easier perhaps to understand once I post a sample role PM. In the meantime you can digest this at your leisure since I won’t have all the flavor written until monday night and that’s when I think roles will be ready for distribution. Feel free to PM me as well!

List of combat arts –

Video of all combat arts:


So my doctor’s appointment lasted a lot longer than expected since a cyst I had turned out to be a tumor and has to be removed :V

So I’m going to try for tomorrow to touch up role PMs.

Here’s some crosscode OST