CrossCode Mafia Signups

Walk the track of the ancients

Setup and what to expect:

1. A 17+ player game
2. An adaptive CP (Cross point) system that allows you to master abilities called combat arts!
3. An adaptive SP (Special point) system that allows you to perform combat arts!
4. Elemental affinities and resistances, along with 5 combat classes
5. No one will be vanilla
6. Minor player choice in abilities via different combat art tracks

Ok dan

Okay boomer

Ok shark

I’m here to see if this game can get 17 players.

nanook just has to invite his friends again

I have friends ??

If we get close tho I can probably pull in one or two

Looks Nice.

Yeah Man.
Me and you are Besties!

Oh no the dreaded autobump

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In case people were wondering what these are

Just imagine if some more people signed up — You simply don’t know what you’re missing!

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I pulled in a couple people, should get us close

@Dab is inactive I think.

Note to self, add forced removal from inning.

Forced removal from voting?

remove inactive from /in.