Corrupt A Wish Mafia [Over]

Welcome to Corrupt a Wish Mafia!

Role PMs will be going out soon, and we will try to get started soon.

If you read only one thing, please read the below:

Please read your win conditions Carefully


The town wincondition is:

There are no threats to your factions win condition left alive

@Chuck’s role PM is below:

Welcome to Corrupt a Wish Mafia, @Chuck. You are a survivor, and your win condition is to survive until another primary, game-ending win condition is fulfilled. You also know that there is a Jester in the game, along with at least one other non-town faction. You can win with every faction other than the Jester. If the Jester wins, they win alone. You also know that this Jester’s winconditon is to be lynched at any point during the game. If this wincondition is fulfilled, it is a solo victory and every other player will lose.
You have no abilities other than your vote. Good luck!

That’s right bitches. Welcome to hell.


All role PMs are out. Please message with any questions/confirmations, etc.

Also note most/all town PMs probably start with

“You are town!” and then derail into ridiculousness from there. Please don’t angleshot role PMs it makes me sad.

Also if you are not town and do not have the town wincondition please make sure you understand your wincon!

Sample town role PM

You are town!
Hey chesskid you are a mod and a god but everyone hates you. Each day you can post 1 votecount give or take and each night process the night actions without messing up

Waiting on 4 confirmations!

Just waiting on @REM I don’t have them on discord :frowning:

Woooo! Lets gooo. 72hrs!



daily reminder that i am completely neutral

i feel like this is the kind of game where all that stuff would be a lie and you arent neutral

why would anybody run a game where the mod actively lies to the players?

FIRST POST PSA that when I die n1 and flip scum it’s bc my role is trash not bc i’m actually scum

Oh ffs

Sup cunts, Im the Jester and Im here to troll the shit out of this game

VOTE: Nanook


VOTE: Drifter

mfw he’s actually jester