Corrupt a Wish Mafia - Full

PM me a standard-ish role with your /in and watch me corrupt the shit out of it.

What fun! Possible mod lies.

7-13 Players

/in as low effort player

I have 5 ins but I don’t have 5 pms :thinking:

are we supposed to PM you NOW

Yes pls!

I will do this in the morning.

I will do this when I damn well please


I’m gonna post a list of shameful people who inned but didnt send a role

And also screenplay who sent a role but won’t in

Responsible people who have their spots locked:

Game is full when this gets to 13 . Currently: 13


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cry baby

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aaand I joined, although I probably should’ve done work

@actiondan whenever you damn well please might wanna be soon

We full boys!

so start the game!!

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@chesskid3 I’m gonna be a little busy around June / July so if this could start before then I’d appreciate it.



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@chesskid3 try to start this today mmk?

so how’s life