Corrupt a Dead Thread

Hey guys!

hi @Ellibereth

I apologize if I deeply offended you lol

lol I wasnt offended

death to stupid nonsensical mafia terms


Sup people and elli, I’m the jester and I’m here to troll the shit out of this dead thread

VOTE: Nanook

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I’ll track coronavirus here:

Screenplay has contracted it as of EoD 1

That’s sexy

hi I’m people

Who killed me

And why? Did mafia think I have an important role because I was sorry? lol

No dan busdrive himself with u and mafia shot him

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Coronavirus count: screenplay, andres

= coronahood

Ck mgtow got banned what u think

Not banned but quarantined


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Same that sub was very weird like assuming every single female is a cheater and you can be good by doing and sharing many pirces puzzle on sub