Compromise R9


Possible roles:
Town Cop
Vanilla Townie
Vanilla Townie
Mafia Godfather (appears innocent to cop)
Mafia Goon
Mafia Goon

• These rules are assuming there are 3 players in this game.
• In this variation, there are a possible 6 roles. Only 3 will be in this game. You will not know which 3 roles, and you will not know who is on your team.
• During Night 0, the cop, if it exists, will make their investigative result.
• The game will then begin. You may basically do anything you want to try and figure out what the other players are.
• There is a chance that all 3 players are the same alignment. If you think this is the case, all 3 players must VOTE: Compromise. If all 3 players are the same alignment, then it was a successful Compromise. Everybody wins!!
• However, if a Compromise goes through, and both alignments exist in the game, then whichever alignment only has a single player on its team will be announced the winner.
• You may also vote an individual player to a majority to lynch them. Whichever alignment the lynched player is on will be declared the losing team.
• If you are all the same alignment, and you end up lynching someone, you all lose.

Game start!


Where’s my godfather at

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Alright, time to vote my Partner.

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Right here buddy!

Let’s do it VOTE: seth

VOTE: Seth


What were you

@Key we played fast and probably not well

@Andresvmb @Seththeking we can just self flip

I was cop

I was Vanilla Town.

Good chance we won

I think so too.

Yeah GG I was GF

Yep town wins, Seth was godfather, Andres was vt, Nanook was a cop with a check on Andres

It’s funny, I believed Seth when he said he was the GF, which is why I thought it was fine to lynch there. The speed though… was probably not advisable haha

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I mean it was fine for me—3/4 chance it’s correct if you’re town :woman_shrugging: