Compromise R8


Possible roles:
Town Cop
Vanilla Townie
Vanilla Townie
Mafia Godfather (appears innocent to cop)
Mafia Goon
Mafia Goon

• These rules are assuming there are 3 players in this game.
• In this variation, there are a possible 6 roles. Only 3 will be in this game. You will not know which 3 roles, and you will not know who is on your team.
• During Night 0, the cop, if it exists, will make their investigative result.
• The game will then begin. You may basically do anything you want to try and figure out what the other players are.
• There is a chance that all 3 players are the same alignment. If you think this is the case, all 3 players must VOTE: Compromise. If all 3 players are the same alignment, then it was a successful Compromise. Everybody wins!!
• However, if a Compromise goes through, and both alignments exist in the game, then whichever alignment only has a single player on its team will be announced the winner.
• You may also vote an individual player to a majority to lynch them. Whichever alignment the lynched player is on will be declared the losing team.
• If you are all the same alignment, and you end up lynching someone, you all lose.


game start :slight_smile:

oh hi everyone

lol I haven’t checked my rolecard yet

ill be right back


I have reasons to believe that not everyone is the same alignment

VOTE: Seththeking

actually nah ima wait for people to come on

im lonely :frowning:

UNVOTE Seththeking

We could all be the same if we compromise.


Are you Mafia?

Am I?

Prefer not to reveal at this time, from looking at past games

What are you?

I have reasons to believe that compromise is not the way to go in this game.

this makes me think you’re a cop who found mafia

well not entirely

for starters there’s like a 10% chance a compromise is actually happening

I have to go somewhere for some of today, sorry I’ll be out but please don’t kill someone before then please lol


VOTE: Drifter


are we going to keep going?

You scum or town?

you first, i don’t have a good enough idea of what you two are


are you saying you’re scum or calling me scum?