Compromise R3

Town Cop - Mafia/Not Mafia results
Town Seer - Werewolf/Not Werewolf results
Town Supersaint - If there are multiple alignments and they get lynched the person that hammers them dies, alignment of last person standing wins.
Vanilla Townie
Vanilla Townie
Mafia Goon
Mafia Goon
Mafia Godfather - Not Mafia to cop check
Alpha Werewolf - Not Werewolf to Seer check

IF THE GAME IS MAFIA-TOWN-WEREWOLF you need to COMPROMISE to win, if there’s a lynch everyone loses


Forgot about you guys oops



Hardclaim supersaint

VOTE: ChessKid

Bad vote!

You realize Andres now has to hammer you and kill himself tho right. Im hardclaiming Vanilla

Alignment of last person standing (me) is town, so any town person should be fine with this

What alignment would Andres ever do that lmao

@Ellibereth if it’s 3 town and supersaint gets lynched is that a win or a loss

Its a win for town

Only as town

I think only win condition for 3 same alignment is compromise, let me check.
I’ll rephrase the role in the op my bad.


Zzz duh

So what’s up andres :thinking:

Was this him confirming his mistake in a single post or is he gonna go check

for the purposes of this game if supersaint is lynched with 3 town everyone loses.


why tf would you hard claim super saint