Competitive Tournament Discussion

Here’s something I came up with - target demographic are (hopefully) people like @DS and @Josh. Is the schedule too intense? What you guys think?


  • 6v2 vanilla nightless
  • Scum have no private comms (Because of players being in 2 games at once)
  • After 16 days (2 weeks + 2 free days to buffer for potential wait time on flips, super generous), Mafia wins. This equivalent to 2.67 days per lynch, assuming the game goes to the maximum possible amount of lynches (6).
  • Even player count = half to lynch. Odd player count = maj to lynch.
  • Scum win at living scum = living town

Event Format:

  • A new game starts every week, for 8 weeks. Players may be in multiple games at once
  • Don’t refer to ongoing games in any capacity. If you have a meta read because of an ongoing…too bad, find some other way to push it.
  • Players must play at least 6 games out of 8.
  • Wildcards may play to fill games but preference given to event players.


  • Players ranked by win percentage.
  • I’m stealing Liar’s Clubs scoring algorithm to see how it lines up with win percentage, and we’ll use it to break ties:

Outcome score = 0.5 for win, -0.5 for loss.
Round Score = Every day a player is alive, they either gets a 1 or a 0 depending on if the result of the day was good for their team. After death, they get points for the days after (at least 1) stopping at the first day where they get a 0. Find weighted average where a given day is worth twice as much as the one 2 days before.
Take average of Outcome and average of Round, get a z-score for each, sum up the scores, rank with that sum.

I feel like this got cut off prematurely


Obvs numbers for stuff adjustable depending on interest.
Stuff above makes sense for 8-11 ppl.

Could also lower 16 to 14 and don’t count the time delay when host isn’t around to do a flip.

@DS feedback plz you’re the target.

Nightless meaning?

no nk

I think id almost rather like a 5 v 1 with nks. NKs are an important point in mafia.

I’ll nk u

hmmm mmk

a previous survey I had sent out a while ago had it as people’s least favorite part of mafia.

People also dislike being mafia which I find to be weird

I could see NK’s not being fun because you could easily die a bunch and or be targeted due to your skill level in a competitive format.

I think whatever format you choose you should just run it for a tournament and then get feedback and adjust for the second.

Personally I really think Mountainous setup is the most competitive outright normal mafia

Is the proposed schedule too intense?
Players will be getting like 1 or 2 weeks off in 9 weeks.

I had the amusing thought we could market as a tournament to see if you can beat DS on fair turf and you send a challenge to all the people who robbed you before lmao.

ha! that would be kinda hilarious tbh

Idk, depends on the player if they can handle it or not.

I have no issue playing two to three games at a time and keeping them all compartmentalized.

Do you have a list of all the people you’d want to challenge.

Not really I dont keep grudges like that tbh. I just think the system of MU is flawed.

Also, this shouldnt be a negative thing it should be a positive thing. Move away from the DS vs Errybody idea I think.

Do a mountainous setup imo. If you can get enough players for a tournament to work.

How many players would you need to have this tournament (with your setup) filled?

Didn’t mean as a negative/grudge thing, more a marketing stunt. (Like one of those challenge MC at chess things) But if you think its bad it’s gone~ :stuck_out_tongue:

with the op as is 8-11.

@Josh expressed interest in this type of thing before but might be too busy now?