Coming Soon(tm): Retro Gaming uPick

I wanted to post this teaser in discord, but elli bullied me like always, so here we are.

Any game, game series, console, company, or game character that existed during or before the 6th console/handheld generation may be chosen.

Your choice must have been available in the North American region in the listed time frame.
This is to reduce research time and get the game going faster.

If interested, let me know. I’d like to have at least 9 players.


May feature third parties.
Dont expect great balance.
No moderator lies, but incomplete information is possible.
No cults or mid-game alignment changes.

Can you set it so we can in

So the game or company must be before 2005?


actually I kinda like having the like button being used for these to distinguish with a true sign up topic


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Like farming is bad mmmkay

eh, I think liking a setup you’d want to play in is fine.

I think having the the same button as a commitment to play a game will end up being confusing - let’s see how using the like goes

@Nanook you’ll have to come back and press that heart

Alright tn, I want to play this but like farming is bad and on principle I’m abstaining from that

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Not same

You’re killin me smalls

I liked it before I knew it was supposed to be an in. I probably won’t be able to play but I like the concept.

I don’t agree with the like button

Depending on category just change the label to say interested?

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I expected an in button to be added

in from likes:
urist (if possible)

stated in:
chesskid3 (maybe)

good suggestion
problem is the time it’ll take to do is nontrivial

Pressure the dev until she agrees to an unreasonable timeline

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elli is the dev

this is not a true statement