Cocktail Party Mafia OVER

Welcome to the Cocktail Party

The bar is permanently closed

Win Conditions

The Patrons win when all Police Officers have been eliminated

The Police Officers win when all members of the Patrons are dead, or nothing can prevent that outcome.

Setup Details

Day: 48Hrs
Twilight: 0-12Hrs
Night: 24Hrs
Hammers: Active
Expected Length: Variable

Theme: Cocktail Party
Setup info: Closed Setup
Anti-claim mechanics are harsh


Understanding your role PM is essential to performing in the game. Any questions about your role PM should be sent privately to the mod.

There are many interactions between abilities, most of which, the explanation of precedence & scope is obvious from the role pm. Certain elements are hidden however and will be privately factored in by the host.





Unless Specified

ALL ABILITIES have an implicit unless otherwise specified which would only be present on another player’s ability


Anything a player can perform in game


Role & Alignment

Once per night

Single use action that refreshes every night with the exception of night 0

Each Night

Action that refreshes every night with the exception of night 0

Including N0

Action is ALSO available on Night 0

On Even/Odd number

Action is only available on the specified days/nights/cycles

you may

Possible action

you must

Required action

you are

Permanent Attribute

removal from the game

Kill action that ends the game for a player, that player will win if their alignment wins the game.

player name

Player’s name on mafia451


Non-Standard role based on a standard role


Kill Power

private chat

Private chats are only explained to the party who originates the private discussion. The nature of the chat Neighbors / Masons is also not public knowledge

At any time during the day

Unlimited day usage


Action that the invitee is NOT required to fulfill

Named actions

Named actions are always directly referenced in AT LEAST one other player’s role


Targeted actions will fail


Players with redacted sections to their role pm are not aware of the redacted section’s existence until that section becomes relevant

Attempt to

Actions with a reasonable degree of failure

Return to the game

You will return to the game reprising the same role as before


Before resolving any other actions


Flavored KP

Marked for death

Target will die at the end of the following day

Sample Roles

Undercover Cop

The other cops do not know your identity, you do not know their identity. Every night, you are informed of everyone who received drinks. If your team is dead, you receive the factional KP ability.

Angry Patron

Once per night, you must start a fight with another player. You cannot be part of a neighborhood.


Current Stage: Day 4

Remember to be friendly, everyone’s enjoyment of the game is important, not just your own.



All roles are out.

Please confirm receipt and/or like the post to indicate that you have read and that you are ready to start.

Day 1 will begin tomorrow at 6pm EST


A message from the owner

As we prepare the bar for our lovely patrons, we ask that you take a moment to look at the drink menu… We are fully loaded and we have 4 selections for you to choose from. Unfortunately, we did not print enough menus, so be sure to select the menu that you want before they run out!


Available drink menus:

Cocktail Menu
Whiskey Menu
Martini Menu
Beer Menu

Our drinks are said to grant people special abilities! I bet you’ll learn how to fly! If not, surely our bouncer can help you out with that one… haha, just kidding! …

Oops! We forgot the snacks!~

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Interesting, very interesting. I am here and ready to talk and also to start off the voting. VOTE: Laserlab

VOTE: Quin

VOTE: quin

oop hi

I’m scared of you guys tbh

Lol, I’m scared of Chesskid after M18

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all these fancy buttons tbh

VOTE: orangeandblack5

what happened in M18

Shot a scum I would have been townreading, had I not been a mod, with no warning whatsoever


Smh you can’t townread scum as a mod tbh that’s illegal
VOTE: gellnick


How slow do games normally run here tbh

I am personally more used to CD games which do have inherently more activity, but I do not think I have seen any game start this quiet.

Welcome to Day 1.

I apologize for not being able to greet you right away, I was… Pre-occupied.

In order to reduce processing times, the bar will allow orders starting Thursday at 12pm EST if there is no hammer before then… In which case, well, the party can start early!

Be warned, the police are out in force. They want to shut us down, so please drink responsibly. While the police have their full compliment, they have expanded capabilities.

Good luck to all!

Day 1 has already begun

Oh, an don’t forget your drinks menu, we are running low.


I was at first worried about missing SoD by 30 minutes but now I don’t feel to worried. Sort of.

I mean, If it gets busy while I’m gone then I’m be sadge

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