Closed Normal Setup

This one will actually be closed, no more than 3-5 roles, all normal. Will roll with 7+ signups.


Nobody’s forcing you to play!

This ain’t normal

Actually yeah it will be a pretty normal, low power setup


In 100% of games I’ve played on this site:

Elli is sheeped day 1, mafia is lunched day 1
Elli is then killed night 1
Mafia then proceeds to curb stomp the town

My body is ready


Hello first time on this site




That’s 7, gogogogogogogogogogo

Awesome, I’ll roll this tonight! Any more /ins before I start sending role PMs are welcome

I would in, but we all know this won’t be normal : (

It will be normal actually! I can’t make any guarantees for play but the setup itself will be normal.

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