Chosen with non-random alignments (9/9)

Edit: We’re going with Chosen:
Nonrandom alignments as sketched out in the original post will still be on.

Players (2/9)

  1. fferyllt
  2. muffins>cupcakes
  3. northsidegal
  4. Key
  5. Katsuki
  6. Metal Sonic
  7. Alisae
  8. Andresmvb
  9. Josh

Original Post:


Looking to add an alignment choice “twist” on top of the setup where players can send the mod (in this case me) a pm requesting to be mafia.

Let n be number of mafia in the game.
If less than or equal to n people request mafia they all get mafia and any unfilled scum slots are selected randomly from the remainder.
If >n people request mafia the scumteam is randomly selected from that pool.

Would anyone be interested in this?

Chosen Mafia might be an interesting setup for this. Non-rand scum team non-randomly selects 1 player who cannot be one of the randomly chosen townies who can’t be nk’d while both are alive.

Seems interesting. If 9 people want to do this (Chosen) I’ll mod.

I’m interested in general in exploring ways to give players more control over what alignment they get, and the suggested way was the first method that came to mind.



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I would join but I’m going to focus on leading m451 to a glorious championship

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/in :slightly_smiling_face:


Enough people in to talk deadlines.
Anyone have a strong preference?

2 week days/48hr nights

I wouldn’t want any shorter game days than 5 calendar days. I’m ok with anything up to 2 weeks.

I’d like at least 7 days in a gameday, I don’t mind on the upper limit.

in. Min 5 days

Was hoping for 5 days but will compromise for 7.


5-8 days longest I am willing to go is 10

fine with anything

I’m in. I’ll have to learn how to play so bear with me a bit.

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Is how the setup works clear to you?