Choose your own Adventure - 9p

Choose your own Adventure
Setup created by Irrelephant from mafiascum:


AFTER alignments are sent, each player privately submits the letter I, P, or V. Based on the number of each letter, the setup is determined. If there are an odd number of I or P submissions, one of that letter becomes a V. Scum have daytalk during this period.

0 I’s: Named townie
2: Parity Neapolitan (receives results in the form “Result A” and “Result B”. Each corresponds to “is vanilla townie” or “is not vanilla townie”, but the neap doesn’t know which is which)
4: 1-shot cop
6: Cop
8: Jailkeeper

0: 1-shot bulletproof
2: Bodyguard
4: 1-shot jailkeeper
6: Doctor
8: Jailkeeper

9: 2 loud goons
7: Loud goon and goon
5: 2 goons
3: 1-shot mafia Rolecop and goon
1: 1-shot mafia strongman and goon

So each of the 15 possible setups should look like
“Informative town role”
“Protective town role”
5 vts
2 mafia of some kind

Town power roles are always assigned to a townie who submitted an “I” or “P”, if possible (in this way, townies who like rolling vt can nearly guarantee it, and those who like being a PR can increase their chances).
Similarly, if one scum gives a V and the other doesn’t, the less powerful role (if applicable) will be given to the scum who submitted a V.

Scum have daychat and are multitasking.

Whats a loud goon

So 9 V is like mountainous?

The Loud modifier makes it so if Player A targets Player B at night, Player B will be informed that he/she was targeted by Player A but not what action was taken. For example, if Player A was a Loud Cop and used it on Player B, Player B would be notified that he/she was targeted by Player A, but not that he/she used cop.

So no


I actually really want to play this so if we get to 8 I might make someone else host lel.

didnt read anything but i can host if necessary

There’s a max /in count?

whoops fixed

/in if i can

hi i heard of this community through ds and i wanna play twg 8)


ohhh you auto-in that’s cool.

done did; hope to have a fun game with you all :slight_smile:

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How long each day last

Welcome! Let me know if you have any questions about how to do anything. :slight_smile:
Complaints are also always welcome!

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I don’t really have time to play, but I can host.


Will potentially having to do 2 games be okay?

Yeah, that’s more what I meant, don’t really have time to play 2 games and host 1, but should be fine to host 2 and play 1.

Chicken tikka masala

cool beans
let’s go!