Chesskid IPick - Game Over!

Alive Players:

  1. @Urist
  2. @Mantis
  3. @ActionDan
  4. @checkersman7
  5. @StarV

Dead Players:

  1. Ellibereth, 3rd party Sheep Herder, Lynched Day 1
  2. Urist, Town Attention Whore, Killed Night 1
  3. Josh, Town Gangbanger, Killed Night 1
  4. MetalSonic, Town Nyan-Nyan, Lynched Day 2
  5. Andresvmb, Town Federer Fanboy, Killed Night 2
  6. DS, Scum Actually Scum, Killed Night 2
  7. Srceenplay, Town Father Knows Best, Lynched Day 3

??? Players:
None currently

This game will have two moderators

Those moderators will be @chesskid3 and @checkersman7 .

Rule 1: Anything posted by @chesskid3 can be taken as fact. There will be no moderator lies from him.
Rule 2: @checkersman7 has no such restriction.

The Rest of the fucking rules

Rule 3: Have fun.

Rule 4: Quoting or closely paraphrasing your role PM will result in a modkill that is the most damaging to your wincondition. Don’t do it. Also don’t try to discuss the formatting of role PMs or anything of this nature. They’re also wildly inconsistent because I’m lazy.

Rule 5: In order to keep with the awesome votecount hammer, I can confirm there are no vote hijinks in this game, and ever vote is weighted equally.

Rule 6: A hammer (n/2 +1 of living players) will end the day immediately, otherwise at day end the plurality leader will be lynched. In the case of a tie, the lynch will be chosen by @GTacc

Rule 7: Town win when all threats to them are gone. Non town entities will have their win conditions in their role PMs.

Rule 8: There will not be replacements in this game. If there are 48 hours of inactivity I will prod you. If there are 24 more, you will be killed and whatever phase the game is in will continue. If this phase was night, anyone who targeted you will receive an opportunity to resubmit their action. Let’s not do this it doesn’t sound fun.

Rule 9: Days will last 4 days, Nights will last 1 day.

Rule 10: This game will Natural Action Resolution in its traditional form (aka the golden rule) wherever possible. Should this prove impossible, actions will be resolved in the most consistent way possible.


Roles are currently being designed, and I hope to have them to everyone by Sunday evening.

ALRIGHT boys we ready. Role PMs going out, please confirm by replying and we’ll start when everyone’s confirm

This is starting at 10PM ET

Jk we starting now.

Y’all here. Someone killed @GTacc and that’s just not cool.

They also seem to have pissed in his cornflakes. Double rude.

Figure it out. Day ends March 23rd at 8pm ET

It is confirmed that StarV is Town.

  1. @DS
  2. @Srceenplay
  3. @Mercenary
  4. @Josh
  5. @MetalSonic
  6. @Ellibereth
  7. @Urist
  8. @Mantis
  9. @ActionDan
  10. @checkersman7
  11. @Andresvmb
  12. @ErikaFurudo
  13. @StarV

Hey guys!


Hi my name is Gtacc and I like to party.

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VOTE: Checkersman7

That doesn’t seem like a party

“In the case of a tie, the lynch will be chosen by @GTacc

Awesome. Very glad that I’ve been pocketing Gtacc the entire time I’ve known him

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Hello, I am a town. I wanted to say that most people who would not join this game would die. I am not involved in Lynch’s responsibility at all and I exist like a town, so obviously no one can kill.

I think you should not kill me if you are a scum. If I am you, I think that is the best way. The other boys in my town have confirmed the town so don’t link.

Pass the rest of this introduction to Peter Griffin.

Thank you Peter, StarV. Do you know what really polishes my gear?

A town that refuses to die in Lynch. Likewise, it is one of filing your case before the jury. Then what is the difference?

Well, you are a foolish tactical town, either you fool you a little like you, and either is not in vogue … Stop stupid things! Now you can be in the Lynch wagon and create a lavish story and outrageous claim to fuck just the next day. Both of these are very awful approaches for the town and I can not even believe in playing the cookware I want to do this.

As I say, if you are a Lynch target, justify your reading and let the game play… It must not seek misconceptions like the 1v1 war, and will eventually cause two misconceptions. If you are a town … If you feel hot and not stupid, let us lynch you. The victory of the town is victory.

If you’re a scum, just die … just die!

Thanks guys. This is Peter Griffin. Now I will return to the Star V program.

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i hard claim town gangbanger

Whoops I forgot to do this at day start!

StarV is town.

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IC srands for idiot confirmed

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Hello ActionDan, Star5 is this you? I am hot would you Lynch with me?

KISS: Josh

Uhhhhhhh that’s kinda weird