Chesskid Ipick Dead Thread

Sup deadies

U guys r so dead

fuck u guys I didn’t “fuck up”

I thought it’d be funnier to win by lynching chesskid and then myself so I decided to ignore my real wincon aye,.

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Welcome metalsonic

haha that was funny

thanks for the flavor

You actually made a good use of your ability

oooo tell me more

Since you gave the scum busdriver this aids so he cant self busdrive anymore


wait, what’s a self busdrive

So he is a busdriver but he can bus himself with someone else so if they target A hits B and vice versa

But now if he buses himself with B, actions that target A or B would resolve to A

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Edited to remove spoils

He was not happy in the scum topic when you kissed him

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click the edit button to reveal spoils :PPPPPP

oh man i would LOVE to see that

wait a minute, is he a self busdriver or just a normal busdriving redirecter?

why would any scum send someone else to target him? it’s weird

but at least i did what my role is supposed to do.

is ther a vig in the game? it seems not? i thought my role was good to do that on scum