Chesskid IpicK (13/13)

Probably imbalanced AF.

You sign up, I pick your role and alignment.

yep its gonna be a bastard mod game

We’ll go with n > 8

Take the survey if you want dont take it if you don’t want idk

Chesskid needs to know you so he can better fuck with you

  1. @DS
  2. @Srceenplay
  3. @Mercenary
  4. @Josh
  5. @MetalSonic
  6. @Ellibereth
  7. @Urist
  8. @Mantis
  9. @ActionDan
  10. @checkersman7
  11. @Andresvmb
  12. @ErikaFurudo
  13. @StarV



Scum please

to replace out

There won’t be replacements for tailored roles. If you need to replace out i’m just modkilling the slot.

Let me know if you don’t want the in, otherwise im counting it

Maybe I should out to in right before it fills


You know, pull an Elli


im gonna have to send u a questionaire Mercenary to get to know you

Whisdeerette#1357 if you preffer

nah I’ll do a google form so others can take it if they want too

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CK just wants to know our zodiac signs

Thats the entire premise of this signup

Damn, Sagittarius

zodiac sign is not a question fake fuckin news

Should I do the 1000 questions one

honestly the 500 one is already too much

I feel like filling out the questionnaire is pointless because you already have a bias.

maybe! You never know

1000, 500?
Yup. Not even opening it.

lmao its optional