Chess Mafia.

This is the most confusing game you’ve ever played. Here’s the deal…

The game is nightless.

Players do NOT vote.

If a player is in checkmate, they die.

Players may move a piece once every 12 hours.

All moves must be legal chess moves, and all moves are submitted privately.

Each player will have an assigned opening play (role) of 1-5 moves

Each player will see all squares which their pieces can move to (Fog Of War).

Moves will be completed in the order that they are received, therefore if two people submit moves that cannot coexist, the second move will not be completed. If both players move to the same space, the first player to move will lose the piece.

Once all mafia have been checkmated, the game is over.

Mafia does NOT win at parity, the game ends when only one chess player remains.

To clarify the fog of war and movement, if ActionDan has a knight on c3, chesskid has a bishop on b2, and Ellibereth has a bishop on b2… Elli and Chesskid would both see the knight as though it was on f6, neither of them would see each other’s bishop.

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Well this won’t be upsetting at all

Are you talking about the moment when you lose to GTacc in final 2?



Consider the game as though everyone is the opposite color as you, so you need to rotate the board.

what happens if actiondan doesnt in the game

So, if you identify as white, from your PoV, everyone is black, and if chesskid identifies as black, then from his PoV, everyone else is white.

But you’re only trying to mate 1 of the black players. You understand?


We consider that he forgot how to play chess


I identify as Partially Red.

i think that just makes it unnecessary complicated. everyone should just have the same coordinates.


@Ellibereth There is a blue button, it is intended to be used.

I will make it simple to play via my management of the actions (intensive on my side) everyone will know what their moves are from white PoV and black PoV. Everyone will play the same side of the board, so the translated moves will be the same for each player.

So it’s like DS’s wifom game where you can randomly decide your moves?

What happens if I unknowingly submit an illegal move? Like if I make a move that would put me in check.

You wouldn’t move



I’ve thought of designing a game where each square holds a prize of some 1-shot ability blah blah blah.

I’m unsure what’s going on in this game though.

It is also very hard to checkmate anything in fog of war even if all players coordinated against 1.

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