Chess Mafia Game Board

Role PMs have been sent out.

This thread will open sometime tomorrow. In order to prevent OGI it’s best if I can address questions privately if any come up from the set up.

Good luck.

5 town, 1 mafia

If you lose your king or are checkmated, you are eliminated from the game. Town CAN win at parity by beating the mafia.

Openings have been assigned to all players. First moves will be completed in 6 hours, then every 12 hours after that.

Good luck!


Day 1 has begun

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hey y’all

how’s it going?

Im still processesing


Processing actions, everyone will get an updated board shortly.

All boards have been updated!

all those pawns on c/d/e5

who gets to play first


you dirty english opener

how do you see e5

I either have pawns on d4 e4 or f4, knight on f3, bishop on f4.

or a bishop on b2

I pushed a pawn to my e6 IDK about e5

you see 4 other people’s positions are superimposed as well friend