Chat Mafia - Interest & Availability

Are people interested in getting regular (weekly or semi-weekly) chat mafia games going? If so, what’s your schedule? If we can get 5+ people on at the same time I’d consider that a win.

The 9pm EST timeslot seems to work for a bunch of people, Friday nights are taken by video mafia but any other day should work. I’d suggest either Saturdays or Wednesdays.


Honestly, I probably can, except for the days that I can’t. So sort of like Video Mafia.

Yeah pretty much the same here. I can pretty much any day, except sometimes I have a day I can’t.

i’ll show up when i can and won’t show up when i can’t

thank you for all your helpful responses! :blush:


Mafia triathalon. :thinking:

On a more serious note I suspect saturdays at 9pm est will be doable after I move but not before then.