Can't Quote from Filter

May have already been addressed or, even more likely I am doing it wrong.

When using the ISO filter I can’t Quote posts.
Is this just me or is it apart of having a filter in place?

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Just tested - both highlight quoting and “quote whole post” are working for me.
Can you go into more detail about what you’re doing?

I will try.
Let me come back to it.

That is wierd, it seems to be working now.
I mean I often have to highlight it several times before it gives me the “Quote” option.
But it is giving it to me now, when it didn’t seem to before.

I do often have problems getting the Highlight Quote option to show up for me and when it wasn’t doing it at all when I had ISO’d I thought it might be because I had the filter on.

But it just seems to play up on me and I have to perservere a lot to get it to show.

@fferyllt @chesskid3 @Key and anyone else who incidentally reads this - have you ever had trouble with the “quote” button appearing after highlighting text?

I haven’t noticed any problems, but I can’t remember if I ever quoting after filtering.

Below is a highlight/quote from a filtered post. Is working ok for me right now.

Is this something that happens on mobile?

No, on my laptop, but I have realised it is not to do with the filter, it is just very hard for me to get the “Quote” function happening for me. Sometime it pops up first time some times I have to highlight it several times and hold my tongue the right way and hold my breath.

This time it worked the second time I highlighted it.

First Time.

First time. So it works fine for a while and then I get times when I just don’t seem to be able to get it to work.

Works ok

Yeah, I think I have been holding my tongue the wrong way. :frowning:

I just had a few goes on mobile and desktop - seems reliable enough to me on desktop, on mobile I had some issues with the button vanishing if I changed the highlighted area but then it stopped and I couldn’t figure out how to replicate it.

Sorry guys, now I am aware of it I think it is when I am heavy handed and catch other parts of the post.
User name, if there is a reply or any part of that top line.
I think if I don’t catch any part of that isn’t a problem.
Anyway, I think that must be what was happening.

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Okay, so I am firguring out what my problem was/is you can’t quote a post with the reply in it.

Filter and you see all the posters posts.
if the post has a reply, click on the reply to see what the original post is, you can’t quote both posts.
Obviously because of the other (hidden) posts in the way.