Bird Flavoured Mafia - MAFIA

You are both Mafia Goons.

  • You may talk to each other here at any time.

  • Each night one of you may perform a factional night kill.

  • You win at parity.


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@Andresvmb @Ellibereth
Please write two sentences each on your “favourite bird” (it doesn’t actually have to be your favourite!) and submit them to me privately - these will be made public to town at the start of the game. They won’t know who wrote it, but they will know it was mafia. Try not to give yourselves away!

Don’t discuss your submissions between yourselves here until they’ve been made public :slight_smile:


good luck birdo.

Okay so, we’re screwed. I should have said something more generic hahaha I just remembered that Chess knows that I kept joking about how pigeon is actually a delicacy in Italy (and delicious). I don’t know why I tried to be funny.

So, good luck eagle. I will try and defend myself but it’ll probably be bad.


we have to say chess is trying to frame you or something?

even if that makes no sense.

Yeah… I am trying not to even focus on that at first.

If Chess says something about it I’ll just be like oh I hadn’t even thought about that or something.

But just be prepared to bus is all I’m saying hahaha


the scumteam having to send in little answers was an idea I’ve been floating around to see if it could jumpstart games. what a debut.

so chess 100% knows? like there’s no chance he thinks its a coincidence?

No. There’s no chance. He’s not pushing it hard but he will at some point. I’m thinking he’s hoping that I will reveal who my Partner is and win the game. Bastard.


I was wrong. He doesn’t remember haha well that’s lucky.

I’m nervous he’s jebaiting you.

you know I almost spelled america murica in mine but then i searched murica on site and you were one of two people to spell it that way before so I refrained LOL.

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I think Chess knows I’m Scum. Whatever. He still needs to convince others.