Bird Flavoured Death (dead chat)

Scum is Elli and Andres. GTacc is 1-shot BP. I just stole one of the setup options from Matrix6 (I think it was Matrix6) and tried out the “mafia submit messages in pregame” thing

Man seth’s reads are so, so good

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Yeah, his reads are a bit upside down now

Chess do you know anything about pigeons being a delicacy somewhere?

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Pigeons are an NYC delicacy

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Lmfao so I got killed because I was right about his call lmfaoooo

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How did they not turbo kill you


quote from the mafia pt:

Okay so, we’re screwed. I should have said something more generic hahaha I just remembered that Chess knows that I kept joking about how pigeon is actually a delicacy in Italy (and delicious). I don’t know why I tried to be funny.

Ha ha ha called TF out

But I thought he was the America one

I thought he was too tbh

wow my ISO this game was :fire:

best n1 kill

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i was america

do you remember the pigeon convo?


You made Andres jump so hard though lol