Bipartite Mafia (6/7)

This setup was created by Something_Smart on mafiascum:

Setup notes below are his with some alterations.

Was looking for a small game with a pairing mechanic for Valentine’s day and this looked like something interesting to test. :slight_smile:

  • 4 Vanilla Townies
  • 3 Mafia Goons

There are no deaths.

Players may post PAIR: Playername with the name of a player they are not paired with yet.

  • If the pairing is Town-Town, Mafia wins immediately.
  • If the pairing is Mafia-Mafia, Town wins immediately.
  • If the pairing is Town-Mafia or Mafia-Town, the pairing is succesful. The alignments of the players are not revealed.

Players may VOTE: Playername. If a player recieves a majority of the votes:

  • The topic is locked and the voted player has 24 hours to choose and submit someone to pair with.

Players may VOTE: Free. If Free receives a majority of votes:

  • The topic is locked and the mafia team must privately discuss and select a currently unpaired Town-Mafia pairing in the next 24 hours. This pairing will be announced publicly without alignments.
    This can only be done once during the game.

The town wins if three pairings, not counting the Free pairing, are successful.

If a new pairing doesn’t happen within 3 days of the last pairing or the game starting (counting the Free pairing), Mafia wins.

Given the above the game will last at most 12 days.

Please make sure you’ll have sufficient free-time to contribute in each pairing period - Mafia likely easily wins this if Town players are afk!



however your link doesnt work it seems to go to a site that promotes a very toxic community where free speech isnt welcome? was that intentional?

Elli said you need to be able to post regularly

Eh, my idea of regularly is just averaging something like 2-4 real posts/posting sessions an irl day.
I really don’t want games to ever devolve into the gazillion new posts an irl day type of thing.




@beeboy wanna mod this so I can play instead?

Ok i am fine with that

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