Behavior/Gameplay Tags

Behavior Tags:

#friendly (Expect players to be nice, patient, and congenial)

#no-holds-barred (Expect players to not hold back, insults and profanities will fly. Thick skin recommended)

Gameplay Tags:

#sandbox (Expect experimentation - players may go for flashier or riskier plays just to see how they turn out.)

#serious (Expect players to take the game seriously, there should be minimal trolling and lurking and players should take the lines they think will most likely lead to victory.)

#instructive (Expect players to play in a relatively accessible way - perhaps explaining things than they usually wouldn’t. There should be minimal use of lines that potentially lead to a toxic environment. The goal is to have an environment where a new player can learn to understand and enjoy the game.)

An untagged game implicitly has

  • an expected behavior between friendly and no-holds-barred (some insults and rudeness but nothing overboard)
  • an expected gameplay between sandbox and serious (players more or less trying to win but with room to fool around some).