Beeboy's Flavorless Game of Fun - Town Win


  • Ellibereth
  • tn5421
  • Erika Furudo
  • NotMafia
  • DS
  • Chesskid
  • osieorb18
  • Screenplay
  • Metal Sonic

Game Info

There are 2 scum and 7 town players.
Days will last 4 irl days and nights will last 1 irl day.
Hammers will end the day.
If a day ends without a hammer the person with the most votes will die, ties will always kill town if possible.

Sample VT PM
You are a Vanilla Townie

You have no powers.

**I will PM you the game thread after it is made.**T

Day 1 will End Febuary 4th at 10pm EST



I claim this first post for the town.

Since I didn’t get a role pm can I assume I’m VT?

A+ post

oh look screenplay got an avatar

lowkey feel like Elli would have popped in by now as a wolf.

VOTE: osieorb18 We should start policying new friends day 1 to make them feel welcomed.

VOTE: osieorb18

I feel so welcomed.

VOTE: tn5421

I’m sorry about being too busy for your game on MU last time.

Are you town or scum?

So the game started?

Please dont lolwagon newcomers, @ErikaFurudo. Also we need to hydra another game soon

I dont like osie’s first post all that much, but i could be reading too much into it.

I dont like srceen’s entrance either, but i doubt id like anything he did even if he were innocent child

wow v rude. Just show some hospitality tn. Vote osie.

VOTE: Erika Furudo

Hi I’m town.

Look osie is on board with the play.

We must work as a community to welcome the new guys properly. Regardless of alignment, this lynch must happen for maximum effectiveness site growth.

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No thanks dadversary

VOTE: osieorb

I can’t believe you guys put a dude on L-2 this early.

We the people need a counterwagon, Join Me!

I would rather try to exploit this.