Be Yourself Mafia

Your flavor and powers will be based around what I know about you.
Crazy Shit/Moderator Lies/Everything is possible.

Won’t be balanced, will probably be scumsided.

isn’t this exactly like josh mafia 2?

It’s its spiritual companion.
As in I’ll try to make roles that people like.

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Its more like notmafia’s game
It even has same name

Can I be 1 shot win game role?

you’d have abilities

Will that be one of them?

probably not

unless you’d want to win the game and leave at game start


I look forward to this game being as much of a trainwreck as my original

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One down

Was it the game which lasted over 20 game days? Micro one

nah it was 4 days

Oh shit I thought my 7 day game was bad

I remember the days before deadlines when a lynch was necessary to end day 1

Never go back

Ffa did that for a while I think

How do u place a hammer vote at any time

like he can already have voted and still hammer