Be Yourself Mafia Liars Club

You guys can talk here whenever.

What is up my homosexual hombres

so one of you are scum.
not my business though

If one of us is scum my money is on screenplay

Spoken like a loser

Is this a 3p claim?

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I can be but it’s not.
I like how you think third party is possible but not scum.


i didn’t say you were 3p, i asked if you were claiming it with the “it’s none of my business who the scum are” bit.

fwiw i don’t buy in to the idea that there has to be scum in this group.
if you guys wanna try a gambit or something i’m 100% down, although my only ability is reflexive.

the title of our hood is liars club

I’ll take that as a yes?

I take it as one of us is probably a lying scum fuck.
I know it’s not me. I just want to live, peacefully.

Nanock is lurking again so they are probably the scum


Dude. It’s called liars club because we all play in liars club. Ffs.

Also I’m already at screen can fuck off stage so we’re ahead of schedule :woman_shrugging: