Congratulations on operating the hottest new restaurant in town! The three of you make a great team!

StarV is the resturant manager & backup delivery boy
Gtacc is the Delivery boy
GKB is the cook

Feel free to use this to discuss your booming business, or say nothing at all! Note that a resturant without a delivery boy or a cook can’t operate, so if we run out of staff and cannot operate as a resturant I’ll have to close you down.

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Can we speak now

yep open all the time

So only 3 players picked bahn mi? Hmm

Hey fellas


Get back to work


I don’t want to hear about COVID, get back to your car and deliver more fucking sandwiches

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Yes sir!

GoalkeeperBoss, Make me a sandwich.

Do you guys know anyone else’s alignment?

I know two.

@GTacc I know you’re here.

I don’t know boss

So you’re only present in this PT?

Yes boss

B-boss how are you today, do you want coffee, is your seat comfortable, do you want snack?

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I’m irreplaceable here so I’m in charge

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Good minion.

We should all vote as a block in the thread in order to prevent us from getting lynched. We need to keep the business running so that we can all make money, though I’m not exactly sure how money is used yet?

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