Automatically making some Mafia terms into links.

Something interesting we can do is to make it so that “role” words/set of words automatically link to posts/external text defining said role.

I implemented an example with the word neapolitan.

I think in particular this would be useful for newer players but it may even be helpful for more experience ones. I forget what certain things do all the time.

This auto-linking can apply to things other than roles - if you have ideas for any other interesting applications fire away! Another (maybe even better?) application that comes to mind is linking to definitions for “mafia-specialized” terms and acronyms.

You can test this out by just typing the word neapolitan in your post, e.g. I claim neapolitan.

Oh that’s super cool
neopolitan or neapolitan?

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Neapolitan ice cream

Clearly not working

I’m going to pretend that it’s spelled that way to avoid it actually affecting other topics right now as opposed to me just fucking up the spelling. :zipper_mouth_face:

Actually I’ll just fix it instead. >.<

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Clearly works keychain is a scammer

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I thought that Naopolitan could only tell you if someone was Vanilla; EG, came up yes/vanilla on Mafia Goons

I think it only pulls VTs but it’s been a long time since I have seen one

i was a vanilla cop once (lit “vanilla cop”) and i got results on VTs/goons (essentially PR vs non-PR cop), but there’s also one that’s VTs only

that said… neapolitan cop is a stupid name for something that gets only vanilla results. a neapolitan cop should be able to distinguish between chocolate and strawberry in some way

edit: oh, and apparently i’ve also been a variant of vanilla cop where i got a result if someone had the word “vanilla” in their name (obviously a non-normal game where there may have been other roles that had “vanilla” in them and weren’t VT)

That’s a Vanilla Cop. Neapolitan checks VT/Not VT, I used a Neapolitan in the first normal I modded on MS, player who drew it assumed it was a Vanilla Cop… trainwreck ensues

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I’m glad it works at least. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any concepts you guys think something like this would be particularly useful for?

Some more work needs to be done on it for it to work on phrases too but if it turns out there’s a way to utlilize this to make player or mod lives easier it’s worth working on!

I like this a lot. Do the links have to be forum links? Could we eventually put up pages about roles, open setups, etc, on the non-forum side of the site, and could they also automatically link?

can ya make it so Riley links ta the wikipedia page for cuddling?

Pls no