Automatic Unpinning

Right now pinned topics “unpin” themselves when you’re finished reading them, there’a custom user setting you can set to make it so that they stay pinned.

Do you guys prefer that as the default or the inverse, where pinned topics stayed pin unless you into settings and make it so that they auto unpin when you’re done reading them.

Please do keep in mind what is ‘default’ only affects new accounts - once an account is made the default is whatever it was at the time and the user has to go switch it on their own to the other if they want.

  • Topic auto-unpin upon being read.
  • Topics stay pinned.

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Changed the default to topics staying pinned.

People who signed up before this change have to change the setting manually in their settings menu.

As an extra note: Users can decide whether a topic stays pinned or not by clicking on the pin (or tack) symbol in the thread or in the topic list within a category menu. (Point side facing down means pinned, pointy side facing up means unpinned).