Ask again!: By popular demand

Which site feature are we trolling this time?


I wish we had a feature that let you click a button in the banner, and it gave you a list of ongoing games and the EOD posts for each day in those games. Maybe it could be designed to look like the information “i” icon, or something like that.


Where is Ellibereth?


we’re working on a better version of that…hopefully next week

Better version implies that it existed to begin with?

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Yeah, the one you suggested sounds interesting, but I don’t know if hosts would keep it up to date or whether players would actually use it :thinking:


I think we should try it then accidentally remove it and pretend after nobody complains for 3 weeks that it was an intentional removal

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I have a real hard time while finding lynchs and flips because there are no shortcuts I would use that

Alright, is it time to get this started?

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