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How do I do x ?
Why is y like this?
Where do I find w ?
Am I allowed to z ?

You can ask any site-related question you can think of here!

You will be modkilled if you break any of the rules, no rules are stated prior to game start. All mod communication can be quoted, but not that mod communication, that one will get you mod killed

The game rules are not stated prior to game start, so this probably isn’t an actual rule.

Why is y like this?

y is famous for having 3 legs. The 3rd leg is slightly curved.

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y is x always on the opposite side of an equation with why?

This question is an indictment on the american education system.

assume x = y


x - y = 0


x/y = 1

What is love?

Baby don’t hurt me

Am I allowed to modkill others

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#no-holds-barred :thinking:


This is a highly debated topic, and I think the official answer is that there is nothing in the rules saying that dogs cannot compete.

So yes, yes you can.

In the event that a player is modkilled by another player, nothing happens.

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Why not?



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This is the very foundation of mafia451

it was a pleasure to burn modkill

Ok, I was hoping for a bigger turnout, but fuck it, let’s go with 7.