Anonymous Mafia (Interest?)

Just had a thought - lets see if there is any interest. This site has an anonymous posting area. Lets run a game in there. Should eliminate some meta reads/persona based reads.

probably will do an open setup based on the number of people

Do you want the playerlist public or should people pm to sign up?

You know I was just thinking this


@Key do the anonymous sessions stay long enough for this to work? Like will we be able to keep the same anon name for a whole game or nah

Right now it doesn’t look like they do

@Ellibereth is people keeping an anonymous user for a full game possible?

Either that or we just assign numbers and you have to post your number at the start of each post

or the host makes alt accounts for the players

Too much work

I’ll look into when I’m home.
May or may not need fixes, I’ll try to make 'em if there’s sufficient interest.