Almost Anything Goes Mafia (Experimental)

  • Playerlist public.

  • You can pm anyone in the game.

  • There’ll be a game topic that you can do whatever in.

  • There’ll be an anon topic in the anon category for the game that you can do whatever in.

  • You can send people anon pms (anon mode is next to the gear in the menu you get when you click on your avvy).

  • If going to anon mode and having to log in again is too annoying you can tell me to send someone a message and I’ll do it.

  • Vote by sending them to me privately. When someone gets maj they die. You see how many votes everyone is getting at the time but not who’s voting who.

  • Oh yeah, don’t screenshot your role pm because then you’d have to be a photoshopper to be lying and we all know scum are too lazy to photoshop.

  • There’ll be mafia and town, whether mafia get a kill depends on how many people join.

There’s probably more I need to figure out but we can do that live. I’m just messing with 5 mechanics at once because why not.

Game will last at most 2 weeks no matter what.


Even though this is going to prolly end up being some scumsided mountainous setup and the rules look super troll please still try to win. Trying to see how much potential freedom/anonymity has when you go hella extreme with it.

Am I allowed to threaten bans or no

Don’t think that’s a good idea in game in general. :stuck_out_tongue:


I hear it works great