All Town Mafia

I noticed that most people on this site prefer playing town. So what would be better than a game where you’re guaranteed a town role PM?

I will take any number of players. Signups will close on Friday night and roles should go out shortly afterward.

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Can I roll scum tho


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Interested, but weekends are my roughest times. Day/night phase lengths? Nonzero chance I just completely miss all of D1 of a game that starts late Friday/early Saturday, regardless of phase length…

I think this is a meme?

no, it’s not a meme. i will design a game for however many people sign up.

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Day/Night phase lengths?

Is it a vt role?

Right, sorry. I was thinking of 96h for day one and 72h for other days. 24h nights.

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I can make this vanillaless if the people demand it.

just make tier pr or mafia

wait theres no mafia

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how the fuck is this going to work

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He didnt say theres no mafia just that everyone gets a town pm



Why does that matter? You can still speed lynch in the first 12 hours. :stuck_out_tongue: (But seriously, that’s the only reason I’m ok joining: the possibility that D1 (or the whole game) won’t be over before I have a chance to at least check in…)

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My schedule’s getting more hectic so 96 is A+ here too.

I’m outting all games that are 96+ hour days tbh

I kind of doubt that d1 will go the full 96h? Looking at other games on this site people only wait like 72h max before hammertime

Then why have the deadline more than 72?