All Gun Popcorn [Over - Scum Win]


Josh, Town
Dan, Scum
Andres, Town
Mittens, Scum
Tier, Town
DS, Scum
Nanook, Town
GTacc, Town

This will be a 4 scum 7 town game.

The total deadline will be set after role PMs go out and will be 120 hours.

Rules in a really simple format:

Everyone has a gun. You can shoot your gun lots of times.

if you are town and you shoot scum only the scum dies
if you are town and you shoot town only you die
if you are scum and you shoot scum only the scum you shot dies
if you are scum and you shoot town both of you die

IF town has shot other town, that victim is now confirmed town and as such is the IMMORTAL JAPANESE WARRIOR.
The only shots that can be fired during this mode are scum shooting the NOT SO IMMORTAL WARRIOR, or the warrior shooting whoever they want. They will still die of course if they misfire, and if they hit another townie then we have another IMMORTAL WARRIOR.

If you all want your guns back you have to beg the scum to suicide to kill the warrior.

If you don’t get a role PM you are town.

PMs out. Day starts now. 120 hour countdown GOGOGOGOG

Shoot Andresvmb

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@Josh pulls out his gun and shoots @Andresvmb but to his horror the bullet turns in mid-air and hits him in his “chlamydia-free” penis.

Josh, Town Popcorn Popper has died.


How do I know my alignment? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

did you get a pm?

No :frowning: Chesskid forgot me

grats on being town then

So we can’t shoot if there is an immortal warrior?
So much for playing a game we can all shoot.

gotta hope scum fears the godlike power of andrés

shoot Mittens

Ok you might want to read the rules now.

Lmao, they were too long… I figured i would just suicide, but apparently I can’t even do that :thinking:

So one of you are scum claiming.

Does not compute

Wait, if my shot doesn’t count, does that confirm me as town? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


He is shooting. Only scum or warrior can shoot.

You said he didn’t read the rules implying that you know he can’t shoot because he’s not scum