A Normal Mafia Game

This will be a very normal game, using normal roles. Nothing weird to see here. Nope, just a normal mafia game.

Ties broken by mafia, multi voting will be supported, 48 hour days, there will be a hammer mechanic tbd.

I don’t trust it

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Not sure if I don’t trust it sufficiently to want to /in…

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You can trust me, I’m a doctor

Is multi voting normal?

It is here!

Is Miller normal?

It’s a fairly normal role!

Does this game adhere to the mafiascum definition of Normal?

I don’t know what the mafia scum definition of normal is so I don’t know!

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Whats a mafia scum

in if i can talk to the dead or talk from the dead. no tree stump though, that’s not very normal.

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VOTE: Clem
for mvp

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So miller, godfather are possible
How about insane cop or bus driver

Insane cops and bus drivers are both very normal things in the US


Is convertment of wincon possible

Is seven a normal amount of players for a mafia game?

No but nine or more are!

This isn’t normal.

It has Nanook as the host.

Nanook overviews games, not hosts.

Nanook hosting a game is a pretty normal occurrence here!

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