A Game of Mafia

I have never hosted here and due to there not being many games going on right now, I decided I would have one. This is going to just be a fun, chaotic role madness game, with high power roles and possibly questionable balance (though I will do my best). I will confirm it will be non-bastard, and no dumb shit like recruiting and no mod lies.

Are bastards allowed in

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Not usually but I will make an exception for you!


Mod lies comes under the bastard tag, I believe lol.

What about @Nanook

I thought bastard was a catchall for anything that made people call the host a bastard in postgame

Which is pretty broad tbh

Soemtimes people don’t consider millers etc bastard, but it forces the mods to lie

We are the millers

when I started playing mafia I thought godfathers and millers were both horrifically bastard roles

I still do


I agree, but clarity is good

Miller masons goat

Dibs on this with nooky

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You have to respect dibs

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Technically, they’re in a bit of a grey area but the definition of bastard as I know it is anything that gives provides misleading information to a player which would definitely make them both bastard in terms of the definition.

That’s a weird place to draw a line


also millers and godfathers aren’t bastard on account of the roles being so common
especially in open setups, it’s basically just a slight nerf to a role that needs the slight nerf

When set up creation stuff is automated godfathers/millers will likely automatically cause a game to be labeled at least bastard-lite (or something along those lines). Just because it’s traditional doesn’t mean it’s correct. They’re still sufficiently unexpected to people in that they in practice people don’t respect cop claims a proportional amount relative to frequency of godfathers/millers/et al (Frequency by site is whole nother thing too)

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