9p 1v1 me B!^$#

5 town, 4 mafia… ROLES:

1x Town Voteless
1x Town 1-shot Day Vigilante
1x Town Doctor
1x Town Role blocker
1x Town Role Cop

4x Mafia Goon

Mafia knows the alignment, roles AND night actions of all town players.

Town night actions are only revealed to the mafia after the factional KP has been confirmed, but before the start of the next day.

Town loses if nothing can prevent mafia from winning.

Doc can self-save.


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I won’t get you to mod this one, so you can play it.

This game looks so good tbh

But there’s no lynching

Oh wait dayvig so there is

K fine I’m in

is the voteless townie mod-confirmed?

No I think the vote less just wouldnt get CCed

Cuz otherwise easy lynch

but then dayvig gets cced.

and that guy dies horribly

I think optimally u get 3 roleblockers actually

1 Davig 1 treestump 2 rbs 2 rolecops

The goal of this game is to force 1v1s and for mafia to win as a team, if you lose too many 1v1s, it becomes auto for town.

I really really like this idea

It’s basically dependent on mafia getting enough players that can out argue vs. town getting enough that can find each other yeah

I like it

We should draft it tbh

We could @Josh

I wanna captain

Ok, reigning champion @Josh vs new challenger @chesskid3

I lied, I’m playing, captains take over the modding.

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