9 player game

Playercount: 9
Deadlines: 2x(72+24), 2x(48+24) (See below)
Max game length estimate: 2 weeks
Daily time commitment per player estimate: 100 post max per 24 hours per player (you don’t need to keep track, I’ll let you know if you’re posting too much)

7 town vs. 2 mafia (1 godfather, 1 goon)

Pregame the godfather chooses the player that will be the goon.
The goon does NOT know who the godfather is.

Days 1 and 2: 72 hours free discussion, 24 hours for one simultaneously revealed post/vote/action.
Days 3 and 4: 48 hours free discussion, 24 hours for one simultaneously revealed post/vote/action.
No Nights.

If a player gets the majority of votes during free discussion, the game goes directly into the simultaneous submission phase.
You MUST submit a vote during the simultaneous submission phase.

The player who receives the most votes on reveal dies. If there’s a tie, the tied player with the most votes on them at the end of free discussion dies. If still tied a random town player from the tied group dies. If all remaining tied players are mafia, town wins.

During the simultaneous phase, the goon submits a primary kill and a secondary kill. Secondary kill only takes effect if their primary kill ends up dead via vote. If the goon is dead the godfather takes over doing the kills. If the goon shoots the godfather the goon dies.


y not

Hate hate hate the one of three

1 of 1 is too easy for scum I think?

gf just goes VOTE: goon rvs kappa

can change to just straight choosing buddy if you think its better.

Im just worried 1 of 3 means that every one in the game optimally has to goon signal

if the gf knew exactly who it was do you think the goon just figures it out super fast every time or there’ll be some mystery.

i guess rvs signalling is just scummy then so it works?

changing to 1 out of 1