8x8 Matroshka

welcome to the series of 8 player Matroshka.

Each player will get the opportunity to be the dollmaker once…this means later games will maybe not be fully randomized.

The way each game works is 2 scum 6 town

24hrs discussion then one town player is chosen by the mod to be the dollmaker

They then have 24hours to choose a submission of the remaining 7 players in an ordered list from 1 to 7.

If either players 1 or 2 are scum or scum are consecutive in the list, scum wins, otherwise town wins.

Joining this game means joining 8 games and you are guaranteed to be the dollmaker once.

I will allow teams

I don’t understand.

So 1 to 7. Scum can’t be 1 or 2 or 3 and 4. But can be 3 and 5?

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Also is the final list submitted by the dollmaker?

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You can count me in as long as no conflict of other ongoing games im in!

Any scum in first two loses

You need scum in slots 3-7, non consecutive, to win

So 3 and 5 wins, 5 and 6 loses, etc.


So if we do this again, could this be 8^2 Matroshka?

Yep and its 8 games so a max 16day commitment cuz theyre 48hr one shot games

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some dollmakers like to instayeet their shot…looking at you @StarV

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I’m liking it here lol



@chesskid3 you heard it

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what do you mean teams? hydras?

No, you just choose who plays in each game if someone wants a break or for a lesser commitment

oh ok! thanks!

@proto wanna partner up in this one?

And if we do it 3 times, why not 2^3^2


Worse he dmd me and said no.

Shut down.

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Wow someone outed