7p, Card Game Edition, Deck Details TBA (Indefinitely Delayed)

  • 5 Town
  • 2 Mafia
  • 1 post a real life day, simultaneously revealed. 5 phases per game day.
  • Mafia kill resolves at same time as the execution, Mafia breaks ties unless overruled by a power.
  • Dead players cannot post unless their power allows.
  • After alignments are assigned, each player will receive 2 powers drawn from a deck of power cards. They “discard” one of the options and they will be able to use the other power. Discarded power is publicly shown.

The power deck will be public information and the version of it that we’ll use in this game will be up within the next 2 weeks.


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in to play a children’s card game


Going to indefinitely delay this - we’re having trouble coming up with a deck that does what we want tt.