6.25% Town EV Mafia

5 distinctly named VTs.

4 goons who know the role assignments.

72hr days instant nights - flip yourself if you beat me to it.

Can town take the ultimate crown? Or do you have no balls like @ActionDan

ActionDan joined.
So he admits he has no balls.

I’ll be playing this but only after the next round of 451 work gets done. Fingers crossed!

This is unbalanced

It’s always LYLO in this setup.

Lynch Mafia 5-3
Town Killed 4-3
Lynch Mafia 4-2
Town Killed 3-2
Mafia lynched 3-1
Town Killed 2-1

2 Town Versus 1 Mafia.

SEE Always LYLO.

There’s no way Town Wins this ever.

Look at the name of the topic that’s the point :stuck_out_tongue:

I only joined to help the game start quicker.
This setup is still one sided.
Who ever gets mafia wins setup.
The shit setup.

More like 2.10%

It’s 0.5^4=0.0625

But yeah you don’t have to join if you don’t want to, some of us have a history of playing/enjoying setups where town wins <10% of the time ev wise.

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I think it’s best to figure out who much mafia will be alive during win.
I’m Betting 2 Mafia Alive, 2 Mafia Dead.

I might out depending on other things.

RN I’ll stay.

Wow you’re right I didnt realize

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I can give you a setup that’s no LYLO that benefits Mafia.


Mafia Firebrand
Mafia Firebrand
Mafia Firebrand
Mafia Firebrand.

Other Mafia Firebrands Combo.