5P Vengeful (5/5 - Full)

There’s been a request for a 5p Vengeful game, so I’ve volunteered to host one.

Here’s the setup info:


The following roles are used:

  • 1 Godfather
  • 1 Mafia Goon
  • 3 Vanilla Townies


The game uses standard mafia rules, with the following exceptions and details:

  • Nightless. The mafia have no night kill.
  • If the godfather is lynched at any point, the town immediately wins. (This is the only special quality of the godfather.)
  • If, on Day 1 only, one of the townies is lynched, this townie immediately gets to make a kill. (See Vengeful) See post #3 below
  • The town does not automatically win by having the godfather killed in this way .
  • Mafia wins when there are at least as many mafia as townies, and the town doesn’t have a vengeful kill to use.


Assuming all lynch and vengeance decisions are made randomly, mafia will win 60% of games and town will win 40%.

The mafia’s win odds are:

  • 20% chance of godfather lynch D1 * 0% chance of mafia win in this case +
  • 20% chance of second mafia lynch D1 * 75% chance to survive final four * 67% chance to survive final three +
  • 60% chance of townie lynch D1 *
    • (50% chance of vig kill targeting a townie +
    • 50% chance of vig kill targeting mafia * 67% chance to survive final three)

There is also a 7p variant for this game, so I’d be willing to run that one if there’s demand.

I’m thinking 72 hour days, but am open to other day lengths.

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You can make the EV 50/50 if you give the town a venge shot in the last scenario right?

You mean in the 7p version?

If you need me for numbers I’ll play! Definitely take others above me though, time is at a premium at the moment :slight_smile:

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No, in the 5p version. If you allow town to keep their vengekill after they lynch town on d1, it increases their EV by 10%

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Ah. I’m ok with making that change to the setup.

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@ me when it’s 4/5. I’ll take the 5th slot depending on when it starts.



I hope i dont overgame lol

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That’s 4! @Ellibereth does this timing work for you?

Oh i thought i pinged the 4th and the game filled with andre

@fferyllt can we trade positions?
i.e. I host, you play?

If not I can play.


That’s 5!

I’ll roll the roles and send out the PMs sometime tonight, and start the game in about 16 hours.