5p Through the Ages: First Settlements

Through the Ages: First Settlements

It is the year 4531 BC and your tribe has started developping tools which allow you to stay in sedentary settlements, improving your safety and quality of life. Unfortunately, the new settlement does not please everyone.

A group of hunters have taken objection that they risk their lives everyday to feed the masons, who don’t seem to do anything as far as they can tell. The clan chief tries to mediate the debate.

Chief (Town 1x Vigilante)
Masons (Town with PT)
Hunters (Scum with PT)

Be wary, each player may have additional abilities that are unknown!

Town win when all scum have been eliminated.
Scum win when a no lynch occurs OR if all town have been eliminated.

Game Duration: 72 Hours
Set-Up: Semi-Open
Standings: Standings



Don’t I know the setup for this one…?

I’m changing up the hidden role mechanics, so you don’t anymore.

So, for everyone’s info I was originally planning on doing like Town Bulletproof + Miller vs Mafia Lynchproof + Bodyguard and possibly a JOAT chief, but I’ve re-worked it so that it’s more of a pick one from a bag of tricks so that players get more sway over the game.

It’s also thematic that you’re new to sedentary life and have a bunch of new toys to play with, got to choose which ones…

I am a very lynchable player

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In to quicklynch tier

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There’s a button :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, I’ll randomize now